NEW! Fox Marble Coffee Table Long


New products from Fox Series - Fox Marble Coffe Tables. They are made from natural marble available in two shapes and two colors. The Marble Coffee Tables gives elegant touch to the interior. It is a contemporary addition to all Fox Series Furniture, perfectly fits as a set to Fox Armchair and Fox Sofa.


Fox Marble Coffee Table - Long

Width: 50 cm

Lenght:100 cm

High: 33 cm

Marble & Wood: 

MARBLE - Marble conveys authentic, bold beauty. With their elegant grain, Carrara White and Marquinia Black result in furniture full of personality.Every slab of marble is carefully selected. Only those with the most elegant shapes are chosen, with colours that match our timeless mid-century pieces.

WOOD - Our furniture is made of top quality solid wood, stained in 4 different colours. It is coated with ecological matt water-based varnish. The wood, from trusted, ecologically certified suppliers, is seasoned for at least seven years before use, guaranteeing a frame that will age well. The wood is hand-selected by a specialist to ensure that all the parts match the frame.


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