We believe good design is timeless. That is why we bring back only Top Icons of Polish mid-century design, which have already passed the test of time and have proven themselves to be timeless. Authentic Icons of the 60s, made with top quality materials and a contemporary touch. Our furniture is finished with utmost care to ensure top-shape longevity.

Our philosophy is to live in harmony with nature. Only safe, water-based pigments, varnishes and glues are used in the production process. We have also decided to invest in the future of our planet, one tree at a time. For every armchair sold, one tree gets planted. This program helps reforest the land and it’s all thanks to you!.

Top quality requires human touch. More than 10 specialists work on each product. Each component of our furniture is hand-finished with utmost care by experienced craftsmen. From wood selection, ensuring each element perfectly compliments the whole, all the way through to the last polish, guaranteeing the varnish exquisitely brings out the natural structure of the wood.

Our products are manufactured exclusively in Poland; in modern, safe plants; by experienced craftsmen with whom we have worked for years. Our company fair trade policy exceeds many of the European standards. Buying from us, you are sure to give people safe work and fair salary.

Wood is a very organic material. What nature creates, we are yet to learn how to satisfyingly imitate. Yet excellence requires time – the wood ages for a minimum of 7 years. Still, it is worth the wait. Properly dried and aged wood becomes perfectly malleable and deformity-resistant, ready to satisfy generations of users.


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